Eisteddfod Flute Division Results 1981 -2017



When: August 11-13.

Venues: Salvation Army Citadel, 55 George Street, Norwood and Unley Uniting Church, 187 Unley Road, Unley.

Adjudicators: Neil Fisenden (flute); Tim Nott (Woodwind)

Entries for the 2017 Adelaide Eisteddfod will be electronic.  Stardom is being used, visit https://www.stardom.com.au and look for ‘Adelaide Eisteddfod’ under ‘Participating Eisteddfods’.  Visit the Adelaide Eisteddfod website at http://sacomment.com/aes/eisteddfod/ for more information.  Entries will close on April 13 at 5 pm.  No late entries will be accepted.

Ensemble sections – please think about entering.  There are two duet sections, Grade 5 and below and Grade 6 and above.  The Flute Trio or Quartet section is now open to primary and secondary school students.  We would like the number of ensemble entries to increase.  Please decide which ensemble partner is going to submit the entry, and remember to give your partner’s name(s).  Check out the Orchestral Excerpts section.  The opportunity to present orchestral excerpts is now only available in the AMEB syllabuses at Licentiate level.  Previous First prize winners may enter this section again.

Think about entering the Flute Concerto, Adelaide Eisteddfod Concerto, Wind Recital and the Eisteddfod Ensemble Event.  Please note that different concerti must be played for the Flute Concerto section and Adelaide Eisteddfod Concerto.  Geoffrey Collins, sponsor of the Australian Flute Solo, has increased the prize money being offered ($150 and $80), so please think about entering this section.  The Piccolo Section is back!  This is a great opportunity to perform on your piccolo.

Entry in the SA Final of Young Virtuoso, offered by the Fine Music network of radio stations, is via the Wind Recital.  The Instrumental Prize for the SA Final is $750 and the SA Finalist Prize is $1,500.  The National Finalist will be awarded a travelling scholarship ($10,000).  The National Final will be held in Sydney.

Download the full program for 2017 here


When: Monday, September 25, 7-30 pm

Where: Salvation Army Citadel, 55 George Street, Norwood.

Admission: Adult, $10; Seniors/Students, $8; Children under 16 free


 Eisteddfod Flute Division Results 1981 -2017

YOUNG VIRTUOSO SA FINAL 2017 (previously MBS Young Performer)

Adjudicators: Monika Laczofy and Pat Wilson.

When: Sunday, October 15, 2-30 pm

Where: St John’s Anglican Church, 379 Halifax Street, Adelaide

Admission: Adult $15, 5MBS Member/Student $5



The 21st Balaklava Eisteddfod will be held on Friday, August 4 (Instrumental Ensembles, Bands, Choirs, Vocal Ensembles), Saturday, August 5 (Vocal, Musical Theatre, Contemporary Vocal, Instrumental, Piano, Speech and Drama) and Sunday, August 6 (Finale Concert including adjudication of the Adelaide Plains Vocal Scholarship).  Entries will be open from April 7, visit http://www.balaklavaeisteddfod.org.au, Facebook www.facebook.com/BalaklavaEisteddfod, e-mail info@balaklavaeisteddfod.org.au.  Entries close on May 15.

The 36th Mount Gambier Eisteddfod is part of the ongoing work of Backstage Incorporated (founded in 1978).  Enquiries, Secretary, Backstage Inc., PO Box 1711, Mount Gambier, SA 5290, Ph./fax 8725-5905, e-mail backstageinc@internode.on.net, or visit http://www.backstageinc.org.au/default.asp for further information.  Entries will be via Stardom, visit http://www.stardom.com.au/ and look for ‘Mt Gambier Eisteddfod’ under ‘Competitions’.  Dates: Choral and Vocal, July 26-29; Music, August 17-19.

The Music Teachers’ Association of SA Inc. offers scholarships and performance days to the students of its members.  Visit the website at www.mtasa.com.au to obtain more information.


Performance experience

Irrespective of students’ aims in music the experience of performing in public is vital.  This builds confidence, and above all, the chance to experience the enjoyment and excitement of performing.


Every competitor receives the assessment of an accomplished and independent adjudicator.  Try out and improve your programs for exams such as AMEB, ABRSM or Trinity, and Secondary and Tertiary Level Assessments.

Audition Skills

Many aspiring professionals fail to show their best at auditions and miss study or job opportunities.  The answer is practice and the conditions at the Eisteddfod competitions are ideal for this purpose.

Performance Opportunities

The finals of the advanced competitions are held in prestigious venues.  Several musical organisations look for their soloists at the Eisteddfod competitions.

Valuable Prizes and Recognition

Prizes include certificates, vouchers, medallions, cash and a major scholarship.  All are evidence of achievements to enhance CVs.